On Thursday 19th September WOMEN’STEC launched the #notjustforboys Programme, bringing together representatives from industry, education and the public sector to hear about this innovative project, aimed at increasing the number of females choosing careers in construction and sectors where women are underrepresented.

Group of people holding a sign saying #NotJustForBoys

Universal Credit (UC) is a payment for working age people who are on a low income or out of work and includes support for the cost of housing, children and childcare and financial support for people with disabilities, carers and people too ill to work.  It replaces six existing so-called ‘legacy benefits’ including Jobseekers Allowance, Tax Credits and Housing Benefit.


Universal Credit Logo

Upskirting has become an increasing concern in many countries given developments in mobile phone cameras and the rise of social media where images and videos can be easily shared.


Germany is the latest country to take steps to criminalise upskirting.  This follows a petition by two German women one of whom had been upskirted twice as a teenager.


Male hands holding a camera phone

Stacey Macken has won a gender discrimination claim against her employer BNP Paribas.  An employment tribunal has ruled in her favour in relation to claims of unequal pay, sex discrimination and victimisation.


Update on what Northern Ireland Rural Women's Network has been doing to raise awareness of the impact of Brexit on rural women and communities. You can download the briefing here.

Louise Coyle of NIRWN meets Jo Swinson, Lib Dem leader