Can You Feed Into These Upcoming Consultations?

Women's Regional Consortium.

Commission on Social Security

The Commission on Social Security is a project set up to find out how to make the welfare benefits system better.  The project is led by Experts by Experience – all of the Commissioners have lived experience of benefits.  The Commission has recently launched a consultation on proposals for a better benefits system.  Their proposals include suggestions around ideas for a better benefits system, Child Benefit, Disability Benefit, Guaranteed Decent Income, Carer’s Allowance, Refugees, Asylum Seekers and other migrants, etc. 

Siobhán will provide an online response to this consultation on behalf of the Consortium.  If you have any comments you want to make in these areas please contact Siobhán at to discuss these.  If you identify any women who might also want to take part either by answering the online consultation or by discussing their views with Siobhán please also get in touch.

The deadline to respond to this consultation has been extended and is now Friday 30th October 2020.

You can find out more information about the Commission’s proposals and respond to the consultation here:

Review of Personal Independence Payment (PIP)

Individuals and organisations who have information or experience of how the Personal Independence Payment (PIP) assessment process is working in Northern Ireland are being asked to share their views as part of the second Independent Review of PIP.  The Review will look at the operation of the PIP assessment process.

Siobhán has designed an online questionnaire to gather women’s views on the PIP design, assessment and decision making processes.  Siobhán is encouraging women’s centres and Consortium partners to share the link to this questionnaire as widely as possible.  Please encourage women with experience of PIP or who have experience of applying for PIP for someone they care for to complete the questionnaire which is available here:

The closing date for completing the questionnare is Friday 2nd October 2020. 

If you know of any women who would be willing to be interviewed by telephone on their experiences with PIP please also contact Siobhán with the details at