Increase in Minimum Wage Rates

From 1 April 2019 the Minimum Wage is going up.  For workers aged 25 and over the National Living Wage rises to £8.21/hour.  This means that 75,000 workers in Northern Ireland will receive £690 more in pay a year.  For workers aged 21 – 24 the National Minimum Wage is going up to £7.70/hour and the rate for 18 – 20 year olds is going up to £6.15/hour.

Nationally women represent an estimated 60% of those benefiting from the rise in Minimum Wage levels.  Workers in the hospitality and retail sectors are most likely to be on the lowest pay and there are large numbers of women working in these sectors.

While the increase in Minimum Wage rates are to be welcomed these come at a time when households are seeing increases in the costs of essentials such as food and utilities.  There are also concerns that the rise in Minimum Wage levels could lead to a rise in childcare costs as childcare providers are forced to increase their charges due to an increase in their wage bills.

Further information can be found on the nidirect website: