Law Commission Surrogacy Public Consultation

The Law Commissions are hosting a free public consultation event in Belfast, to hear your views on how we can make surrogacy law work for everyone in the UK.

We are consulting on our recently published consultation paper: “Building families through surrogacy – a new law”. The consultation is a comprehensive review of the current law. We have proposed changes in the law that would make the intended parents the legal parents of the child at birth, if certain safeguards and screening requirement are met. We also include discussions on the payments intended parents should be allowed to make to the surrogate, international surrogacy arrangements and access to information.

The Law Commissions are statutory bodies, independent from the Government, created to ensure that the law is as fair, modern, simple and as cost-effective as possible.

A full copy of the Consultation Paper is available here, alongside a short summary document here. Full details of the project can be found on our website here.


The event is open to all – further details, and to sign up for the event, can be found at: