Women's Centre Derry adds their voice to the Low Pay Commission 2019 Report

The Low Pay Commission is gathering evidence in support of its 2019 report. The Womens Regional Consortium/Womens Centre Derry was invited to meet Commissioners and to voice their views on how the existing target for the National Living Wage has worked and on potential future arrangements.

Women’s Regional Consortium/ Women’s Centre Derry hosted members of the Low Pay Commission the independent body that advises the Government on the level of the minimum wage. We welcomed Bryan Sanderson Chairperson, Kay Carberry Martin McTaque, Kevin Wrake and Anthony Lord from the LPC.

There was in-depth discussion about women’s employment and barriers to employment. We presented the Consortium research “In Work Poverty” completed in 2018 and the “Impact of Austerity/Welfare Reform on Women” completed in March 2019.

We discussed BREXIT and its impact on women. We discussed the lack of “work that pays” opportunities in Derry and in the North-West. We raised the following issues which government policy should address:

  • high cost of childcare,
  • rising cost of rents particularly in the private sector.
  • low wages which are endemic in sectors of the economy where women work.

The group participants give the Commission a clear message that retention of a legal minimum wage is very important to workers on low wages and that increases to   minimum wage rates are good for women workers and their families.