Service Support August 2014

The Consortium supported women’s organisations to maintain and develop their services throughout August. The Women's Centre Derry met four women's organisations to develop links, provide funding support, share policy templates and discuss the implications of the new District Council areas. FWIN held an Information and Networking day, attended by over 100 women representing over 20 women’s organisations that deliver services to women. There was a talk given on the Consortium at this meeting and flyers on the Consortium were available.

The Women's Centre also met with WSN and 14 other women's centres that receive the Women's Centre Childcare Fund (WCCF). It provided information on women’s centres' representation on childcare partnerships, boards and forums. This will enable the WCCF groups to work strategically and support the sustainability of childcare services. The Women's Centre facilitated discussion on the WCCF and how women's organisations can work together to sustain this fund. Additionally, it fed into the Consortium's response to the Brightstart discussion paper on the NI Executive's strategy for affordable and integrated childcare.