Service Support May 2014

During May, the Consortium worked with women’s organisations delivering frontline services to help them maintain and develop their childcare and education services. The Consortium is currently mapping the committees, boards, partnerships, forums, groups and hubs that women's centres have representation on. By collecting this information, we will gain a holistic view of the present situation, enabling us to work strategically and support the sustainability of childcare services provided by the Women's Centre Childcare Fund Groups (WCCF). We are also working on an education research report to provide an overview of any gaps and associated unmet need in existing education and training provision affecting women in rural and disadvantaged areas. A focus/discussion group for women's community based training providers was held on Friday 30th May.

Addtionally, FWIN represented the Consortium at a meeting with with the Mexican National Electoral Institute and at another with the US Consulate and WINET (Women’s Inspiration Network).